Over the last 15 years I’ve presented on-screen for the BBC and ITV as well as fronting commercials, corporates and training films. I’ve been described as smart and warm, with a natural on-screen flair and an instinct for what’s needed to produce great content, as well as the ability to deliver it.

Which is nice.


I’ve presented for BBC and ITV, and fronted commercials, corporates and training films.

That’s included interviewing celebrities (like Dolly Parton, Maya Angelou and Richard E Grant) for Heaven and Earth Show (BBC One), and exploring Cathedral Cities (ITV), towns with a Royal Association (By Royal Appointment, ITV), and interesting foodie places (Taste of the South, ITV).

I’ve interviewed winemaking expert and businessman Tony Laithwaite, directly selling hundreds of cases of his wine (Flying Winemakers, ITV), toured Andalucia for Real Estate TV, and sold thousands of holidays on various channels over very many years (including Cruise 1st TV, Thomas Cook TV, Travel Channel).

I’ve also fronted corporate training, sales videos and apps, and presented awards ceremonies.


Without knowing it, you’ll have heard me introducing your favourite programmes on many BBC TV channels over the past 20 years. I loved being a staff announcer on BBC One, BBC Two, and the launch announcer on what was BBC Choice.

Then after taking the plunge to go freelance, I was the voice of BBC Four for 4 years, and since 2006 I’ve been heard globally as the sole announcer on the TV channel BBC World News, with an audience of 162million. Which seems a bit scary when you see it written down.



...natural on screen flair...

“Hannah adds a genuine warmth and accessible intelligence to the subject matter, with an authority which viewers trust while maintaining an enquiring mind, interested in everyone she meets. Contributors naturally warm to her easy charm and open manner.  Producing Hannah is an easy task… she has an instinct for what we need to create great content and the ability to deliver it. Her natural on screen flair is an asset to any visual project and I can’t wait to work with her again!”

— Kate Beal, Managing Director of Woodcut Media

...calm and welcoming...

“Hannah has been the continuity voice for BBC World News for over 10 years. Her warm and friendly tone provides a calm and welcoming introduction to viewers tuning in to watch our programmes. Hannah is very professional and her continuity demonstrates an appreciation of the programmes she is talking about, and an understanding of the audience she is addressing.”

— Adam Ioannou, BBC World News Presentation Planning Manager


.....genuine warmth and accessible intelligence.... I can't wait to work with her again!