As well as the professional bit, I’m also a wife and a mum, and a slightly reluctant dog owner, though Ziggy the daft cavapoo is managing to win me round.

It can be a busy old life, but, we’re lucky to live in the beautiful Surrey Hills, so when I need a break from the studio, it’s easy to get out and about with the hound for a bit of a stomp, and a bit of balance (until he rolls in or eats something unspeakable, at which point any acquired balance leaves me almost instantly….)

We live in a great community where we know all our neighbours – as part of our street’s Ukelele ‘Orchestra’ I’ve managed to learn about 5 chords (though I struggle to remember which one’s which), and I couldn’t do without the fabulous women of my church group who help to keep me sane.

And at the moment I’m particularly appreciating the soothing nature of Silent Pool Gin, from a local artisan distillery, which helps when the plate-spinning gets a bit much….